Pre-order eBook 4- Hey Zac.. Why U Trippin

Pre-order eBook 4- Hey Zac.. Why U Trippin

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Publisher Description

From the imagination of Roman Sudan Montagueo comes the 4th book in the seriesZac has made his way into the pro's and is playing for his father Odon's team, the Tridents.  As much as Oria loves to go off on her own adventure, she's the best kind of big sister and recognizes she has to give her a hand or fin rather to help her brother, father, and the Tridents.  Lets go team and make a splash hit!

About Ocean Bowl:  Odon has taken the ball he received from Jay and formed the sea-worlds Aquaball League. Now dolphins are dunking the ball into giant clams and showing off their gifts and talents.

"Are you ready for dolphins ballin?" At the end of every aquaball season, the oceans and seas are full of sea beings migrating to the biggest tailgate party and Super Bowl of the sea... OCEAN BOWL!

Montagueo's passion for S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, ART and math) naturally integrates into everything he does, including the creation of the Ocean Bowl series. Paraphrasing Gandhi, "The change we need to see in our world, starts with our children. The mission is to engage, socialize and promote literacy, conservation and S.T.E.A.M. Keeping our children's attention, continues to be a serious challenge. Engaging them early with artistic activities…I believe we will inspire a greater future for our communities."